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Witness a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a great white shark breaching trip in Cape Town. Book with Shark Bookings and you can join the experienced and passionate Rob Lawrence on a trip to Seal Island in False Bay where you will witness the natural phenomenon known as ‘breaching’.

Breaching is a form of predatory behaviour exhibited by great white sharks which involves the shark launching through the air to attack its prey – the Cape Fur Seal. You too can witness this spectacle with a great white shark breaching trip in Cape Town.


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Breaching trips with Rob Lawrence kick off at the break of dawn, as this have proved the best time to witness shark breaching activity. Guests meet at Simon’s Town Pier at 06:45 where they will board the Blue Pointer II and set off for Seal Island in False Bay. The early morning start and seasonal conditions mean that predator/prey interaction is almost guaranteed on these trips.

Note: an estimated seven out of ten days meet suitable weather conditions for shark breaching trips, but the final decision is always up to the boat’s skipper.

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06:45 – Guests meet at Simon’s Town Pier where they will be given a full safety briefing before departing for Seal Island on a 20-minute boat trip.

07:20-12:30: Arrive at Seal Island in pre-dawn darkness. The first two hours of the trip are the ideal time for witnessing breaching behaviour. Here, guests are briefed on what to expect in the next couple of hours and what signs to look out for.

Once the seals have retreated back to the island, the crew will find a suitable place to anchor before dropping the cage and commencing the shark cage diving experience. Here, guests will be able to observe great white sharks from the safe confines of the cage. The average dive time per guest is 20 to 30 minutes.

12:45 – The boat arrives back at Simon’s Town where guests will pay at the booking office.

Additional information

The trip includes a cooler box with muffins, sandwich rolls, fruit juice, bottled water, coke, crisps and sweets which are available on the boat for the trip. A complimentary coffee voucher is offered at the end of the trip as well as a discount for lunch at the Harbour view restaurant.

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